Mophie Wireless Charging Pad|For Apple Devices (QI Enabled)

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* The wireless charging pad is your new charging companion. * A sleek, adjustable design allows you to charge your device at multiple angles. * Whether you need a stand to see all your notifications or a just want a pad to charge your AirPods, you'll always have full charge when you're ready to go.* The mophie charge stream pad+ uses the latest Qi wireless technology to deliver charging speeds faster than traditional wall chargers.* Capable of 7.5W & 10W Fast Charge speeds deliver up to 10W of power to charge your phone any time you set it on the pad. Simply place your phone on the charge stream pad+ and charging begins instantly. * Power will even be sent through most light-weight cases (cases up to 3mm). The minimal, low-profile design is small and compact making it a perfect fit in any home or office.
Mophie Wireless Charging Pad - For Apple Devices (QI Enabled)
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